How incognito mode helps for private browsing

Incognito mode for private browsing :

Incognito mode is the private browsing option in google chrome.

When you browse through incognito mode google chrome won’t save your browsing history, cookies and site data, visited websites.

When you are browsing in incognito mode, at the same time we can browse in normal mode also.And we can switch between them.

How incognito mode helps for private browsing
How incognito mode helps for private browsing

To open incognito mode on your computer, first open the chrome then click on the three dots option appearing at the right side of the search bar.Then click on the new incognito window.

You can access incognito mode with keyboard shortcuts also by pressing ctrl + shift + n in windows, Linux and Chrome OS. And in Mac OS you can open incognito mode by pressing  ⌘ + Shift + n.

We can close the incognito mode by clicking on x at the top right of the incognito window.

Incognito mode will help to save your browsing history, data from your browser only.But it will be visible to websites you have visited, your network admin of your work environment or your school and your network provider also.

And we can open any number of incognito modes at a time and also we can switch between those also.

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