Interview With Yaswanth Kumar Aluri From Jntu Info Blog

About Yaswanth Kumar Aluri:

Yaswanth Aluri is a blogger at JntuInfo blog.He was expertise at Digital Marketing and Google AdSense, Search Engine Optimization.

About JntuInfo:

JntuInfo gives you all the latest information regarding JNTU.

Full Interview with Yaswanth Aluri:

Interview With Yaswanth Kumar Aluri From JNTUINFO Blog
Interview With Yaswanth Kumar Aluri From Jntu Info Blog
1.How Yaswanth Aluri turned as a Blogger?

Hello All, very glad to meet you, I turned as a blogger with some inspiring moments from the past 2 years.I started my career as a digital marketer in 2015 and I started a blog which is based on jokes, immediately I converted my blog as a website, at that time I know only basics of blogging and I don't have much knowledge about that.Then I started to learn blogging and digital marketing.Now I have some good knowledge about blogging.

2.Can we know about your family and education?

Coming to my family background, we are from the middle class only. I am the only child to my parents.I completed my graduation in pace institute of technology & science in Ongole, my native place is also Ongole.

3.How did you learn about blogging?

ya, when I am in my school days my father bought a computer, at that time I don't know what is a computer, So I thought that computer is very useful to play games.After joining my B.Tech I just started using the computer. After 3 years I started a blog and after that, I turned as a blogger.

4.Have you faced any problems at the initial stage of blogging?

when I started blogging I feel so difficult, I saw so many hurdles, I don't know how to overtake from that hurdles, at that time with help of my friend I learned some good knowledge about blogging.

5.How was the feeling with your JntuInfo Blog?

After a great struggle of 1 year, I learned so many things in this blogging field, recently I  entered into a professional website, which is JntuInfo. It is related to JNTU University, I am very excited to run this site and I am getting good traffic and some good revenue also. 

6.What are the suggestions you have to give to the people to become successful Blogger?

Almost 3 years back no one has knowledge about blogging and digital marketing, now almost everyone knows about websites and digital marketing, so don't work for money in this field, show your passion towards your website, just work more & more efficiently after some months you may get money but never run for money , just read every articles or whatever it may just attend webinars and get all contacts, start free blog, improve your communication skills and s just show passion about blogging, it has more life. 

7.According to you which platform is better for blogging? (Wordpress/Blogspot)

For learners just go with Blogspot, after doing research/experiment with Blogspot go with WordPress.Wordpress is very much easy .but in blog spot, you can learn everything.My choice is for learners is go with Blogspot,  For intermediate candidates go with WordPress, almost all professionals prefer WordPress.

8.Is there anyone who inspires you? 

My inspiration in blogging field is Sai Charan Reddy Pammi .He was very good at Blogging and Digital Marketing.So he is my inspiration, outside of that my role models are Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai. Their speech is never endless they will never shy, their voice is their strength, I have a dream to give a speech like that great people.

9.What is your goal? 

I want to become great digital marketer/entrepreneur and I want to become something special to my country.And I want to learn technology at peaks. In the feature, may be a chance to set some good business by me.

You can contact Yaswanth Aluri at Email or +91 9492538796

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