Interview With Amar Ilindra From Geek Dashboard

About Amar Ilindra :

Amar Ilindra is the Founder of Geek Dashboard and ikva eSolutions. He was a Blogger, Android Developer and Graphic Designer.

About Geek Dashboard:

Geek Dashboard is a blog which gives the latest news regarding Technology , Gadgets, Computers and lots more.

About ikva eSolutions:

ikva eSolutions is a startup in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. It is a  Blog Network and provides Digital Marketing and App Development.

Interview with Amar Ilindra:

Interview With Amar Ilindra From Geek Dashboard
Interview With Amar Ilindra From Geek Dashboard
Can you explain about your new startup ikva eSolutions?

Yes, I quit my full-time job as Android developer and started my own venture. I decided to do what I’m best at. On June 5th, 2017, I started my company ikva eSolutions, a blog network, and a digital marketing firm.

 Under this firm, I run multiple blogs including Geek Dashboard. Along with blogs, I developed Android apps, WordPress plugins, and Chrome extensions. I already published few apps and extensions on Play Store and Chrome web store respectively.

 I’m planning to start a new blog on Android development where I'll share detailed tutorials on Android development for beginners.

Can we know about your family and education?

We’re four-membered family. Dad looks after his medical business, mom in housewife and my elder brother is working as a senior quality analyst at Hyderabad. AP.

I did my computer science engineering at my hometown, Ongole. Being a computer science engineer, I feel comfortable writing code and automating a lot of my blogging work.

How did you learn about blogging?

I learned to blog from Google when I’m doing my 11th standard. I used to build blogs using blog spot at my early days and later shifted to WordPress in 2012.

How was your journey with Geek Dashboard?

The journey with Geek Dashboard so far is really good and profitable. Though they are many up’s and down’s in my blogging journey, I enjoyed the roller coaster ride. At the beginning of Geek Dashboard, I used to publish one article per week and now I’m publishing 2-4 articles a day.

I personally feel, I neglected YouTube from my day 1 and regret it now. I have to start building my YouTube channel and hopefully will start Geek Dashboard in Telugu as well.

Have you faced any problems at the initial stage of Blogging?

Initial days of blogging are really hard. I waited for more than 6 months to buy domain and hosting. I used to work as a content writer to earn money for hosting. I didn’t earn any money in my first 8 months of blogging.

I faced problems with the internet, convincing family and time management. After completing my 12th standard, I got a lot of time which helped me to learn a lot of things about SEO and coding.

What are the suggestions you have to give to the people to become successful Blogger/Entrepreneur?

My suggestion to people who are thinking to be a full-time blogger/entrepreneur, invest time and money wisely. Keep track of every penny you earned and spent.

And make sure you are not ignoring your health. Read startup failure stories more and understand the mistakes which can be avoided in your startup.

Who is your role model?

I don’t make anyone as a role model. I just watch inspirational talks and videos for motivation.

What is your goal?

To be a successful entrepreneur, making Geek Dashboard as one stop solution for gadgets lovers and a good programmer.

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