5 Things You Need To Know About LinkedIn Security Features

About LinkedIn:

Linkedin is the world largest employment-oriented social networking site in the world.

Nowadays internet users increasing day by day.In a similar way, cyber attacks also increasing.So everyone needs to know about security features.

Linkedin Security Features to Protect your Account:

5 Things You Need To Know About LinkedIn Security Features
5 Things You Need To Know About LinkedIn Security Features

Malware or Virus  Protection:

Malware or virus files are designed to harm your mobile phones / Laptops / Computers.These can be injected into your computers /  Gadgets without knowing of you.

These files can theft our information like usernames or passwords whenever we are typing those.

Protecting yourself from phishing and fraud  messages:

Whenever you are login into your LinkedIn account, First thing you need to check the website URL.Whether it is real or a phishing page.

Because some phishing pages are looking like real LinkedIn page only.If you entered your credentials In that, it will be reached to the hackers who created that phishing page.

And don’t respond to fraud messages like some persons are asking about your personal information and contact details.

Protecting yourself from identity theft:

Don’t respond to any emails that asking your details.Don’t share any personal Information like passwords or credit card details.

The best way to avoiding this malware attacks or virus attacks is, don't download anything from unknown websites and don’t click any links when any unknown person share to you through email or any other way.

Your computer may infect with malware or virus when we click on those links.

Protecting your credentials:

It is important to protect your email address and password.Don’t expose these credentials to anyone.

Your password must be in the critical case and it should consist of a lower case, uppercase letters, and numbers, special characters.

Make good connections:

You need to connect professionals you know and trust. Don’t get connect to unknown profiles.


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