Interview with Sai Charan Reddy From Digiview Technologies

About Sai Charan Reddy Pammi:

Sai Charan Reddy Pammi is the CEO and founder of Digiview Technologies.He was a passionate digital marketer, Blogger, Expert at Adsense and develops affiliated sites.

About Digiview Technologies:

Digiview Technologies is a startup in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh.It mainly focuses on Digital Marketing, Blogging, Website Development and Affiliate Marketing.

Digiview Technologies also offers Digital Marketing training, workshops and internships.

Interview with Sai Charan Reddy Pammi: 

Interview with Sai Charan Reddy Pammi From Digiview Technologies
                     Interview with Sai Charan Reddy From Digiview Technologies                           
How Sai Charan Reddy Pammi turned as Entrepreneur?

Frankly, I too don't know how I turned as an entrepreneur.When I was graduating, I felt like something is going away from me and I kept feeling very low at that time.

So I started analyzing myself (crucial part in anyone’s life), I finally got the answer to what I was actually missing, So Started Digiview Technologies.

Can we know about your family and education?

I am from a small Family having four, I am the younger one, Coming to my studies I did my schooling in Narayana Public School, Graduation in PACE Institute of Technology & Sciences preceding my Intermediate in Sri Chaitanya Junior College in Ongole.

How did you learn about blogging?

 My digital journey started after my Eamcet exam, Developing blogs became a habit to me and developed blog spot blogs, word press blogs and all I do is a simple copy paste the whole content from other websites and later came to know that we can buy a custom domain.

 And I started ( Expired ) on 25th December 2012. The domain was penalized due to copy content then I realized this is not the correct way and started research and then started ( flipped ) in June 2016 and flipped in April 2016 for 25,000 INR.

How was your journey with Digiview Technologies?

Digiview technologies- A digital and local marketing company, Digiview started with just 3 employees and now it has 25 members including online and offline. 

My short term goal is to offer employment to at least 100 members in 2017 and long term is to help turn India into Digital India (inspired by Modiji).

Have you faced any problems at the initial stage of Blogging or Digital Marketing?

Yes, Managing employees and office maintenance and Mainly quality checking of their work are the major difficulties when I started my Company Digiview.

What are the suggestions you have to give to the people to become successful Blogger / Entrepreneur?

Do what you love & Never work a day in your life, Focus on Basics, Try & Try with Advanced methods even if you fail.

Who is your role model? 

I don't have any role model till now, I just follow some popular bloggers, Motivators, Entrepreneurs to motivate myself and to fulfill the self-confidence.

What is your goal?

My short term goal is to offer employment to at least 100 members in 2017 and long term is to help turn India into Digital India.

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