Interview With Lasya K From ALLTOP9 Blog

About Lasya K:

Lasya K is the founder of AllTop9. She was expertise at Google AdSense, Search Engine Optimization.

About AllTop9 Blog:

AllTop9 Blog gives the information about Android Apps, Blogging, Games  and Technology

Full Interview with Lasya K:

Interview With  Lasya K  From ALLTOP9 Blog

1. How Lasya k turned as “AdSense Goddess”?

This question takes me back to the time when I first heard about AdSense. There was this guy who applied for Google AdSense for around 7 times but failed to get approval. I got to know about this from him a few years ago. So, I did a lot of homework on AdSense and on applying for the first my AdSense got approved. A lot of people wanted to know how my AdSense got approved in my first attempt. I always had a thing for helping people so I helped almost everyone who asked me about AdSense approval and most of them got their accounts approved and so I guess the name AdSense goddess. 

2. Can we know about your family and education?

Fortunately, I have a family that supported me in a thin and thick time of my life. But, as they say, sometimes you are on your own, to make someone believe in you, you have to believe in yourself first. In short, a supportive family boosts your confidence when I believe that crucially. 

I am a qualified Electronics and Communication Engineer with a bachelor's degree. I started blogging in the middle of my Engineering that’s when it all started. 

To be a blogger you don’t really need a qualification. Hard work and perseverance are the keys to success that’s what I believe. 

3. How have you learned about blogging?

I remember asking a friend of mine about his profession, he said it’s blogging. Then out of the blue, I said I wanted to blog too. Then he said that it’s not something a girl can do, it needs a lot of patience, he concluded. Then without further ado, I took it as a challenge to know what the blogging is on my own. It took months to have Bird’s eye view on the whole blogging thing. I paved my way through all the impossibilities and here I am today.  

4. Have you faced any problems at the initial stage of blogging?

People made me believe that being a girl was the biggest obstacle but I overcame that gender biased obstacle and rose above that and became what you’re seeing today. Gender has nothing to do with blogging, shout out to all the girls who aspire to be bloggers.

As I faced problems one after another I learned how to solve them technically and non-technicals. 

5. How was your feeling about AllTop9?

When I first create this site, I received a lot of negative comments. But, I didn’t really mind the comments. But, when I approached my co-bloggers, they said it was not going to work, I felt a little bad but never gave on my site. Eventually, the rankings of my site went all the way up. Thanks to my co-bloggers who supported me. I poured my heart out in building this site and getting it at this rank from the bottom. 

6. What are the suggestions you have to give to the people to become successful Blogger?

If you’re passionate towards blogging. Start it right away and do your stuff as you learn and explore.

My personal opinion on this subject basing on my experience is practical knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge.

LEARN, IMPLEMENT AND REPEAT. That's how you grow.

Succeeding or failing is secondary because you win knowledge either you fail or succeed.

7. According to you which platform is better for blogging? (Wordpress/Blogspot)

As we know both tools are just as powerful, and will undoubtedly depend on how and who will use them.

If you are going to create a blog with a professional purpose, or with the future idea of taking a step further and having your own website, I would definitely like WordPress. And if you have doubts about the system, before making an investment try with, which is free and once you decide to hire your own domain and hosting, the step to is simple, and at least the environment, Widgets, How to create menus and the tool will be familiar to you!

If you are going to create a personal blog, hobby, or share it with friends, I would stay with blogger, you have it integrated into your Gmail profile, you are familiar with the Google environment, and if you are not going to squeeze much more, blogger Is your tool. 

8. Is there anyone who inspires you? 

When I was a kid, my friends had to move away from my city. So my dad said he had a plan to stay in touch with them no matter how far they he took me to his office and created a yahoo mail id for me so that I could mail my friends. As I was a kid, it amazed me, just the thought of emails being sent and received at that speed through a great distance fascinated me. That's what pulled me towards the internet. If my dad hadn’t created that mail id for me when I was just a kid, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So I guess I could say that my Dad is my inspiration.

9. What is your goal?

I just want to give it all I’ve got and hope it becomes something big which could help a lot of people solve their issues at their finger tip and I hope when that happens you will get to know it yourself :)

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