How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hacking

Facebook Protection:

Facebook is one of the famous social networking sites in the world. Most of the people using Facebook regularly.

At the same time most of the hackers targeting Facebook accounts.To keep secure our Facebook accounts here are some steps you need to follow.

Protecting your Facebook password:

Don’t use your name and mobile numbers as passwords and make your password as difficult to guess.Don’t share your password with other people.

Use different passwords to other social networking sites it will help to keep your social networking sites more secure.

Protecting your Facebook account from hackers:

Before entering your login information like username and password into Facebook, you need to check the website URL and it should be in the proper form as

Because some scammers may create duplicate websites as similar to Facebook to steal your login details.whenever we entered our login details into duplicate websites it will store your login data.

How to keep your Facebook account secure
How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hacking                     

Be aware of new friend requests:

Don’t accept friend requests from unknown people.Because of some scammers try to send friend requests from fake accounts.

When we accept friend requests from scammers, they will tag you in harmful content and they can post on your timeline.They can send you the links of virus files or hacking files.

Don’t click on suspicious links:

Don’t click any link on facebook which is not from trusted domain even if they send by your friends or known people.

Facebook will never ask you to enter your password in other than Facebook like emails or messages.

And Finally, Better to use facebook extra security features to keep your account more secure.

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