How To Get Free Google Analytics Certification From Google

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the free analytics service from the Google.That helps to track our website's traffic and to make a report of Analytics.

To Learn this Google proving two types of courses in google analytics academy.One is Google Analytics for beginners and the second one is Advanced Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Certification:

To start with Google Analytics certification first, you need to login into google analytics academy.
There you can find a list of courses provided by Google Analytics Academy.

How To Get Free Google Analytics Certification From Google
How To Get Free Google Analytics Certification From Google
To get advanced Google analytics certification first you need to get google analytics for beginners certification.

So better to take Google Analytics for beginners course first.By selecting that course you can get into the course There you can find four topics of videos to learn basic analytics.And every topic having sub-topics.

After completing of every topic you need to attempt an assessment. To get qualify for the certification you need to get 80% of marks in each assessment.If you didn’t get 80% marks you can re-attempt the assessment with the same questions.You can continue with this re-attempts up to get  80% of marks.

After completing of all the topics and all the assessments you can be awarded a course completed certification.

After completing of Google Analytics for beginners certification you can go with advanced Google analytics certification with the similar procedure of beginners certification.


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