Best Features of CamScanner Android App

Cam Scanner:

CamScanner is The world’s No. 1 mobile document scanning and sharing App with over 100 million installs in more than 200 countries and regions.

CamScanner helps you to scan, store, sync your documents and able to view on different devices.

Use your mobile camera to scan documents, notes, business cards, certificates, etc.

CamScanner having the features of Smart cropping and auto enhancing, sharp.It makes the texts and graphics look clear and

By entering any keyword, you’ll see a list of documents with the word in the titles, documents or images

OCR (optical character recognition) extracts text inside the scanned document for the further editing and sharing.

How To Scan Your Documents With Android Mobile
Best Features of CamScanner Android App

Easily share scanned documents in PDF or JPEG format with social media or email attachment or sending the document link.

Instantly you will print out the documents in CamScanner with the printer.And fax the documents to over 30 countries from the app.

Invite friends or colleagues to view and comment on your scanned documents.

Here you have the possibility of making annotations or adding customized watermarks on documents.

Set a passcode for viewing important documents. when sending document link also, you can set a password to protect it.

Sign up with Camscanner to sync documents.It is having the possibility of viewing the same documents on mobiles, tablets or computers by login with your credentials.

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