Top Social Networking Sites In The World

Social Networking Sites:

Facebook :

Facebook is a famous social networking site available in web application and mobile applications. It provides the features uploading photos, videos, and text.

Facebook is used to keep in touch with friends and relatives and having the possibility of messaging. 

YouTube :
YouTube is a free video hosting website that allows members to upload and share the videos. 

YouTube visitors can share YouTube videos on different websites by predefined share option in it.

Twitter :
Twitter is a free social networking website that allows registered users to share small posts called tweets.

Twitter members can publish tweets and follow other users tweets by using multiple devices.

List of Popular Social Networking Sites In The World
Top Social Networking Sites In The World  

LinkedIn :
LinkedIn is a social networking website designed specifically for the Employment and business purpose.

Pinterest  :
Pinterest is a social Networking website for sharing photos and categorizing the images available at different websites. We can describe Pinterest as an image bookmarking site.

Google+ is a Google social networking website. Registered users of Google+ can post photos, videos.

Tumblr :
Tumblr is a free social networking website that allows its users to post their media and content to their own customized blogs

Instagram :
Instagram is a free online photo editing and sharing social networking platform that was acquired by Facebook.

Instagram allows its users to upload, edit and share photos with their followers through the Instagram website, email, and other social Networking websites.


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