How incognito mode helps for private browsing

Incognito mode for private browsing :

Incognito mode is the private browsing option in google chrome.

When you browse through incognito mode google chrome won’t save your browsing history, cookies and site data, visited websites.

When you are browsing in incognito mode, at the same time we can browse in normal mode also.And we can switch between them.

How incognito mode helps for private browsing
How incognito mode helps for private browsing

To open incognito mode on your computer, first open the chrome then click on the three dots option appearing at the right side of the search bar.Then click on the new incognito window.

You can access incognito mode with keyboard shortcuts also by pressing ctrl + shift + n in windows, Linux and Chrome OS. And in Mac OS you can open incognito mode by pressing  ⌘ + Shift + n.

We can close the incognito mode by clicking on x at the top right of the incognito window.

Incognito mode will help to save your browsing history, data from your browser only.But it will be visible to websites you have visited, your network admin of your work environment or your school and your network provider also.

And we can open any number of incognito modes at a time and also we can switch between those also.

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Interview With Amar Ilindra From Geek Dashboard

About Amar Ilindra :

Amar Ilindra is the Founder of Geek Dashboard and ikva eSolutions. He was a Blogger, Android Developer and Graphic Designer.

About Geek Dashboard:

Geek Dashboard is a blog which gives the latest news regarding Technology , Gadgets, Computers and lots more.

About ikva eSolutions:

ikva eSolutions is a startup in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. It is a  Blog Network and provides Digital Marketing and App Development.

Interview with Amar Ilindra:

Interview With Amar Ilindra From Geek Dashboard
Interview With Amar Ilindra From Geek Dashboard
Can you explain about your new startup ikva eSolutions?

Yes, I quit my full-time job as Android developer and started my own venture. I decided to do what I’m best at. On June 5th, 2017, I started my company ikva eSolutions, a blog network, and a digital marketing firm.

 Under this firm, I run multiple blogs including Geek Dashboard. Along with blogs, I developed Android apps, WordPress plugins, and Chrome extensions. I already published few apps and extensions on Play Store and Chrome web store respectively.

 I’m planning to start a new blog on Android development where I'll share detailed tutorials on Android development for beginners.

Can we know about your family and education?

We’re four-membered family. Dad looks after his medical business, mom in housewife and my elder brother is working as a senior quality analyst at Hyderabad. AP.

I did my computer science engineering at my hometown, Ongole. Being a computer science engineer, I feel comfortable writing code and automating a lot of my blogging work.

How did you learn about blogging?

I learned to blog from Google when I’m doing my 11th standard. I used to build blogs using blog spot at my early days and later shifted to WordPress in 2012.

How was your journey with Geek Dashboard?

The journey with Geek Dashboard so far is really good and profitable. Though they are many up’s and down’s in my blogging journey, I enjoyed the roller coaster ride. At the beginning of Geek Dashboard, I used to publish one article per week and now I’m publishing 2-4 articles a day.

I personally feel, I neglected YouTube from my day 1 and regret it now. I have to start building my YouTube channel and hopefully will start Geek Dashboard in Telugu as well.

Have you faced any problems at the initial stage of Blogging?

Initial days of blogging are really hard. I waited for more than 6 months to buy domain and hosting. I used to work as a content writer to earn money for hosting. I didn’t earn any money in my first 8 months of blogging.

I faced problems with the internet, convincing family and time management. After completing my 12th standard, I got a lot of time which helped me to learn a lot of things about SEO and coding.

What are the suggestions you have to give to the people to become successful Blogger/Entrepreneur?

My suggestion to people who are thinking to be a full-time blogger/entrepreneur, invest time and money wisely. Keep track of every penny you earned and spent.

And make sure you are not ignoring your health. Read startup failure stories more and understand the mistakes which can be avoided in your startup.

Who is your role model?

I don’t make anyone as a role model. I just watch inspirational talks and videos for motivation.

What is your goal?

To be a successful entrepreneur, making Geek Dashboard as one stop solution for gadgets lovers and a good programmer.

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Interview With Yaswanth Kumar Aluri From Jntu Info Blog

About Yaswanth Kumar Aluri:

Yaswanth Aluri is a blogger at JntuInfo blog.He was expertise at Digital Marketing and Google AdSense, Search Engine Optimization.

About JntuInfo:

JntuInfo gives you all the latest information regarding JNTU.

Full Interview with Yaswanth Aluri:

Interview With Yaswanth Kumar Aluri From JNTUINFO Blog
Interview With Yaswanth Kumar Aluri From Jntu Info Blog
1.How Yaswanth Aluri turned as a Blogger?

Hello All, very glad to meet you, I turned as a blogger with some inspiring moments from the past 2 years.I started my career as a digital marketer in 2015 and I started a blog which is based on jokes, immediately I converted my blog as a website, at that time I know only basics of blogging and I don't have much knowledge about that.Then I started to learn blogging and digital marketing.Now I have some good knowledge about blogging.

2.Can we know about your family and education?

Coming to my family background, we are from the middle class only. I am the only child to my parents.I completed my graduation in pace institute of technology & science in Ongole, my native place is also Ongole.

3.How did you learn about blogging?

ya, when I am in my school days my father bought a computer, at that time I don't know what is a computer, So I thought that computer is very useful to play games.After joining my B.Tech I just started using the computer. After 3 years I started a blog and after that, I turned as a blogger.

4.Have you faced any problems at the initial stage of blogging?

when I started blogging I feel so difficult, I saw so many hurdles, I don't know how to overtake from that hurdles, at that time with help of my friend I learned some good knowledge about blogging.

5.How was the feeling with your JntuInfo Blog?

After a great struggle of 1 year, I learned so many things in this blogging field, recently I  entered into a professional website, which is JntuInfo. It is related to JNTU University, I am very excited to run this site and I am getting good traffic and some good revenue also. 

6.What are the suggestions you have to give to the people to become successful Blogger?

Almost 3 years back no one has knowledge about blogging and digital marketing, now almost everyone knows about websites and digital marketing, so don't work for money in this field, show your passion towards your website, just work more & more efficiently after some months you may get money but never run for money , just read every articles or whatever it may just attend webinars and get all contacts, start free blog, improve your communication skills and s just show passion about blogging, it has more life. 

7.According to you which platform is better for blogging? (Wordpress/Blogspot)

For learners just go with Blogspot, after doing research/experiment with Blogspot go with WordPress.Wordpress is very much easy .but in blog spot, you can learn everything.My choice is for learners is go with Blogspot,  For intermediate candidates go with WordPress, almost all professionals prefer WordPress.

8.Is there anyone who inspires you? 

My inspiration in blogging field is Sai Charan Reddy Pammi .He was very good at Blogging and Digital Marketing.So he is my inspiration, outside of that my role models are Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai. Their speech is never endless they will never shy, their voice is their strength, I have a dream to give a speech like that great people.

9.What is your goal? 

I want to become great digital marketer/entrepreneur and I want to become something special to my country.And I want to learn technology at peaks. In the feature, may be a chance to set some good business by me.

You can contact Yaswanth Aluri at Email or +91 9492538796

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Interview with Sai Charan Reddy From Digiview Technologies

About Sai Charan Reddy Pammi:

Sai Charan Reddy Pammi is the CEO and founder of Digiview Technologies.He was a passionate digital marketer, Blogger, Expert at Adsense and develops affiliated sites.

About Digiview Technologies:

Digiview Technologies is a startup in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh.It mainly focuses on Digital Marketing, Blogging, Website Development and Affiliate Marketing.

Digiview Technologies also offers Digital Marketing training, workshops and internships.

Interview with Sai Charan Reddy Pammi: 

Interview with Sai Charan Reddy Pammi From Digiview Technologies
                     Interview with Sai Charan Reddy From Digiview Technologies                           
How Sai Charan Reddy Pammi turned as Entrepreneur?

Frankly, I too don't know how I turned as an entrepreneur.When I was graduating, I felt like something is going away from me and I kept feeling very low at that time.

So I started analyzing myself (crucial part in anyone’s life), I finally got the answer to what I was actually missing, So Started Digiview Technologies.

Can we know about your family and education?

I am from a small Family having four, I am the younger one, Coming to my studies I did my schooling in Narayana Public School, Graduation in PACE Institute of Technology & Sciences preceding my Intermediate in Sri Chaitanya Junior College in Ongole.

How did you learn about blogging?

 My digital journey started after my Eamcet exam, Developing blogs became a habit to me and developed blog spot blogs, word press blogs and all I do is a simple copy paste the whole content from other websites and later came to know that we can buy a custom domain.

 And I started ( Expired ) on 25th December 2012. The domain was penalized due to copy content then I realized this is not the correct way and started research and then started ( flipped ) in June 2016 and flipped in April 2016 for 25,000 INR.

How was your journey with Digiview Technologies?

Digiview technologies- A digital and local marketing company, Digiview started with just 3 employees and now it has 25 members including online and offline. 

My short term goal is to offer employment to at least 100 members in 2017 and long term is to help turn India into Digital India (inspired by Modiji).

Have you faced any problems at the initial stage of Blogging or Digital Marketing?

Yes, Managing employees and office maintenance and Mainly quality checking of their work are the major difficulties when I started my Company Digiview.

What are the suggestions you have to give to the people to become successful Blogger / Entrepreneur?

Do what you love & Never work a day in your life, Focus on Basics, Try & Try with Advanced methods even if you fail.

Who is your role model? 

I don't have any role model till now, I just follow some popular bloggers, Motivators, Entrepreneurs to motivate myself and to fulfill the self-confidence.

What is your goal?

My short term goal is to offer employment to at least 100 members in 2017 and long term is to help turn India into Digital India.

*Thank you for reading this interview with Sai Charan Reddy Pammi. Feel free to comment your suggestions below. 

How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hacking

Facebook Protection:

Facebook is one of the famous social networking sites in the world. Most of the people using Facebook regularly.

At the same time most of the hackers targeting Facebook accounts.To keep secure our Facebook accounts here are some steps you need to follow.

Protecting your Facebook password:

Don’t use your name and mobile numbers as passwords and make your password as difficult to guess.Don’t share your password with other people.

Use different passwords to other social networking sites it will help to keep your social networking sites more secure.

Protecting your Facebook account from hackers:

Before entering your login information like username and password into Facebook, you need to check the website URL and it should be in the proper form as

Because some scammers may create duplicate websites as similar to Facebook to steal your login details.whenever we entered our login details into duplicate websites it will store your login data.

How to keep your Facebook account secure
How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hacking                     

Be aware of new friend requests:

Don’t accept friend requests from unknown people.Because of some scammers try to send friend requests from fake accounts.

When we accept friend requests from scammers, they will tag you in harmful content and they can post on your timeline.They can send you the links of virus files or hacking files.

Don’t click on suspicious links:

Don’t click any link on facebook which is not from trusted domain even if they send by your friends or known people.

Facebook will never ask you to enter your password in other than Facebook like emails or messages.

And Finally, Better to use facebook extra security features to keep your account more secure.

How To Get Free Google Analytics Certification From Google

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the free analytics service from the Google.That helps to track our website's traffic and to make a report of Analytics.

To Learn this Google proving two types of courses in google analytics academy.One is Google Analytics for beginners and the second one is Advanced Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Certification:

To start with Google Analytics certification first, you need to login into google analytics academy.
There you can find a list of courses provided by Google Analytics Academy.

How To Get Free Google Analytics Certification From Google
How To Get Free Google Analytics Certification From Google
To get advanced Google analytics certification first you need to get google analytics for beginners certification.

So better to take Google Analytics for beginners course first.By selecting that course you can get into the course There you can find four topics of videos to learn basic analytics.And every topic having sub-topics.

After completing of every topic you need to attempt an assessment. To get qualify for the certification you need to get 80% of marks in each assessment.If you didn’t get 80% marks you can re-attempt the assessment with the same questions.You can continue with this re-attempts up to get  80% of marks.

After completing of all the topics and all the assessments you can be awarded a course completed certification.

After completing of Google Analytics for beginners certification you can go with advanced Google analytics certification with the similar procedure of beginners certification.

5 Things You Need To Know About LinkedIn Security Features

About LinkedIn:

Linkedin is the world largest employment-oriented social networking site in the world.

Nowadays internet users increasing day by day.In a similar way, cyber attacks also increasing.So everyone needs to know about security features.

Linkedin Security Features to Protect your Account:

5 Things You Need To Know About LinkedIn Security Features
5 Things You Need To Know About LinkedIn Security Features

Malware or Virus  Protection:

Malware or virus files are designed to harm your mobile phones / Laptops / Computers.These can be injected into your computers /  Gadgets without knowing of you.

These files can theft our information like usernames or passwords whenever we are typing those.

Protecting yourself from phishing and fraud  messages:

Whenever you are login into your LinkedIn account, First thing you need to check the website URL.Whether it is real or a phishing page.

Because some phishing pages are looking like real LinkedIn page only.If you entered your credentials In that, it will be reached to the hackers who created that phishing page.

And don’t respond to fraud messages like some persons are asking about your personal information and contact details.

Protecting yourself from identity theft:

Don’t respond to any emails that asking your details.Don’t share any personal Information like passwords or credit card details.

The best way to avoiding this malware attacks or virus attacks is, don't download anything from unknown websites and don’t click any links when any unknown person share to you through email or any other way.

Your computer may infect with malware or virus when we click on those links.

Protecting your credentials:

It is important to protect your email address and password.Don’t expose these credentials to anyone.

Your password must be in the critical case and it should consist of a lower case, uppercase letters, and numbers, special characters.

Make good connections:

You need to connect professionals you know and trust. Don’t get connect to unknown profiles.